We empower accredited investors, family offices, and funds to benefit from the new token economy.

A new Token Economy is the path to a more efficient, transparent, and fair financial system.

What Is

Tokenization converts the value of an asset — a building, a company, a piece of art — into tokens that can be subdivided, traded and stored on the blockchain.

Tokenization makes illiquid assets liquid and tradable, similar to what the stock market does for big corporations (but at a fraction of the cost.)

Why Are We

The New Token Economy will soon go mainstream, like the Internet economy did in the ‘90s. 

Whoever enters the market today enjoys an even greater advantage than merely being a first mover: they will partecipate in the creation of an entirely new category of capital.

Where Do We

We do *not* invest just in Blockchain startups. In fact, we use the Blockchain technology for ourselves, to provide a premium value to the investors and more transparency.

We invest in startups and scale-ups with three focuses in mind: Talent, Tech, and Transformation. Thus, the decision to name the entire project 3T.

With a proper use of the blockchain it's possibile to achieve the speed of a great VC and the liquidity of the stock market at a fraction of the cost.)

New benefits for the investors.



With 3T Capital, investors don’t have to wait 5-10 years (or more) to cash out their capital as with a traditional VC. Tokenized equity guarantees better liquidity and cash flow.



Investors don’t blindly give their capital to a fund. The blockchain empowers them to participate in investment decisions (without the costs and the bureaucracy of a traditional voting process).



Investors don’t blindly give their capital to a fund. The blockchain empowers them to participate in investment decisions (without the costs and the bureaucracy of a traditional voting process).



No time is wasted with administration, nor calculating the dilution and waterfall. The smart platform manages all the hassle and makes the results accessible and clear to the investors 24/7.

Our world-class team scouts and analyses the investment opportunities.

Raffaele Jacovelli

Raffaele started his own journey nearly 40 years ago, helping to transform the digital landscape around the globe. He has held senior marketing, sales and management positions with companies such as the Italian National Research Center, Modcomp, Informix Software, AC Nielsen, Olivetti and Merrill Lynch. He has lived and worked in his native Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, UK and the U.S.

Raffaele earned a professional level expertise in the financial services industry in Merrill Lynch, where he gained, in 1996, the Series 7 Licence that entitles the holder to sell all types of securities products (administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority – FINRA – in New York) with the exception of commodities and futures, which, in turn, accomplished obtaining the related Series 3 licence with the NFA (National Future Association) in Chicago in the subsequent year.

Since joining Hightech Partners in 2006, he has facilitated hundreds of top-level international recruitments, enabling clients to achieve their business targets while allowing recruits to express their talents in the proper environment and change their lives for the better.

He has managed and led to successful conclusion over 30 M&A transactions at international levels, in USA, UK, Italy, Switzerland and France, and is a member of the Europe and Africa Council of the regional board of AESC.

Raffaele has always been fascinated by the possibility of changing a person’s life for the better. He believes any successful journey, including executive recruitment, starts with preparation, preparation, preparation. You should be ready for anything that comes your way. A motto Raffaele learned from the founder of the modern Scouting movement, Lord Baden-Powell: Be prepared!

Stefano L. Tresca

Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and tech investor – Stefano was employee #8 at Wind, a telecom and internet company that made an exit for $12.1 billion. With his newsletter Startupagora.com he helps 5000+ investors and family offices to profit from tech and startup investing.

Stefano has been featured on the “20 Must-Read on the Future of Work” list,  together with Satya Nadella, Eric Ries and Tim O’Reilly. His TEDx speech is one of the most watched videos on unbanked and FinTech in emerging economies. His work has been covered and published by the BBC, Wired, and other media.

He’s one of the founding members of Level39, Europe’s largest technology accelerator for FinTech, and general partner at Purplehat Capital, an angel syndicate specializing in FinTech and Blockchain.

He helped set up the first licensed crypto-gaming company, the first tokenized venture capital in Europe, and the first crowdsourced A.I. for online trading.

Stefano joined HTP in 2017 to help fill a gap at the crossroad between finance and tech: the financial industry going through significant changes and revolutions with challenger banks, startups, crypto currencies, artificial intelligence, and major tech companies moving into banking and insurance.

Nell Watson

Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson CITP FBCS FICS FIAP FIKE FRSA FRSS FCMI FLS is a Machine Intelligence engineer who worked to pioneer Deep Machine Vision at her company QuantaCorp, which enables fast and accurate body measurement from just two photos.
In sharing her knowledge as AI Faculty at Singularity University and author of Machine Intelligence courseware for O’Reilly Media, she realised the importance of protecting human rights and putting ethics, safety, and the values of human spirit into A.I.

Nell serves as Chair & Vice-Chair respectively of the IEEE’s ECPAIS Transparency Experts Focus Group, and P7001 Transparency of Autonomous Systems committee on AI Ethics & Safety, engineering credit score-like mechanisms to safeguard algorithmic trust. She also chairs EthicsNet.org, a community teaching pro-social behaviours to machines, CulturalPeace.org, crafting Geneva Conventions-style rules for cultural conflict, and Pacha.org, connecting a network of service providers to help enable the automated accounting of externalities such as pollution. Nell serves as Senior Scientific Advisor to The Future Society at Harvard, and holds Fellowships from the British Computing Society, and Royal Statistical Society, among others. Her public speaking has inspired audiences to work towards a brighter future at venues such as The World Bank, The United Nations General Assembly, and The Royal Society.

Georges Ataya

Over the past 20 years, Professor Ataya has become a strong reference in the advisory and education domain in digital governance and trust domains, notably through his activities at Solvay Brussels School as a professor and as an academic director and at various professional organisations as Advisory Board member, co-Founder or subject matter expert.

Ataya founded and directs the Digital Transformation, Governance and Trust post-graduate and executive education, the Blockchain education and Data Protection education. He lectures to Master classes in Master in Business Engineering at Solvay Brussels School, in Master of Civil engineering at Brussels Polytechnic School (ULB) and at the Master of Science, computer sciences (ULB).

In 1999, Georges founded ICT Control SA (as a partner at Ernst & Young at that time) and lately a network of peer experts in the digital and trust domains (ranging from digital transformations and data analytics to IT management, IT audit and risk management, information security, cybersecurity management and European data protection). Ataya Partners and Ataya partners Academy are the professional arms of his current activity, delivering management advisory to various Board and Executive committees, as well as professional services through his consultants and subject matter experts’ network.

Ataya is the past international vice president of ISACA from 2006 to 2010, past chair of the external relations committee and co-founder of the value governance framework and the VALIT publications, directing the international web project oversight, revamping COBIT and initiating the activities since 2002 of the IT governance institute. Georges co-founded the Bodies of knowledge for the CISM and CGEIT certifications.

He acts as a judiciary expert since 1992 and he founder of the Belgian chamber of IT expert witnesses, member of ABEX and association of expert witness professionals in Belgium. Mediation in IT conflicts and member of the Bmediation (Bmediation.be), past member of CEPANI (cepani.be) and Centre de Mediation and Arbitrage de Paris (cmap.fr).

Georges joined Hightech Partners in 2019 within the context of the company digital transformation journey to implement the RAP framework with the responsibility to lead the activity of the RESKILL practice. He is currently a member of several advisory boards: Belgian Cybersecurity Coalition (co-founder and VP), AGORIA DIGITAL Industries, ISACA BE, BECI, VUB Chair Data Protection on the Ground, CIONET and he is founder of DPO Circle, the Belgian Association of Data Privacy Officer.

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